Fair Havens Baptist Church     8909 Pedigo Road, Powell, TN 37839

From the Pastor

January 17, 2021

Inasmuch as God has given us freedom from fear, we grieve Him when we allow fear to dominate our lives. When fear grips us, it paralyzes our mind to the degree that we are not able to think correctly. The power of a sound mind comes from God, and He eradicates fear. The first words Adam spoke after the fall were, “I was afraid.” Since that day every member of Adam’s race has been inflicted with the emotion of fear. Fear is one of the first emotions in life. Fear of loud noises, high places. Closed in places, and animals. Just to name a few. We are all plagued with real and imaginary fears. Jesus said the time would come when men’s hearts would fail them because of fear. Many who are rich in this world’s goods fear the loss of them. Many fear the onset of sickness. The athlete fears he will break a bone. The list is unending.

The only way to overcome fear is to replace it with faith. Trust in God, do good, live honestly, and love others. If we do these, we can overcome those things we fear, even fear itself. When fear knocks at your door, faith says, “nobody is home.”

Thought for today: It is a tragedy when a person has no invisible means of support.

Sermon: The greatest. John 14:1-3.​