From the Pastor

Fair Havens Baptist Church     8909 Pedigo Road, Powell, TN 37839

November 26, 2020

Psalm 92:1 says, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.” Our God is a generous God. He is good and gracious. From His bountiful storehouse, He loads us down with blessings. They are so many it is impossible to count them. Proverbs 28:20 says, “A faithful man shall abound with blessings.”

As believers we should respond to God’s generosity with continued thankfulness. We can never discharge our debt to God, but we can give Him our heartfelt thanks for all His blessings. We can thank Him for His salvation. We can thank Him for the privilege of prayer. We can thank Him for His many promises. We have much to be thankful for.

In a thousand years with a thousand tongues we could never be thankful enough for God’s great generosity. Each day should be Thanksgiving Day in our life. Go ahead, thank Him for the very breath you breathe.

On Thursday of this week, November 26,2020, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day as we do every year. It is my favorite of all the holidays. It is my prayer that we will remember to thank Him who gives us all things to enjoy, and upholds everything by His great and mighty power.

Thought for today: Be mindful, be thankful, be helpful.

Sermon: Living in troublesome times. Isaiah 6:1-13.